Examples Of Poka Yoke In Manufacturing Industry

A machine might require that someone use both hands to operate, which prevents them from reaching into dangerous areas The Poka Yoke is very famous in the manufacturing industry.Pretty much everyone knows the word in the industry.Shigeo Shingo was in charge of the statistical process control of a leading Japanese manufacturing.An example of motion-step poka yoke is tagging boxes during packaging or completing a checklist to ensure every step has been completed in the process.Operational Excellence At Modular Kitchen Manufacturer A.Example of application of Poka Yoke, 3M, Autonomous maintenance in office.Poka-Yoka came from Japanese words, Poka: Inadvertant errors Yokeru: To prevent Poka-Yoke is also called fail-safing or mistake proofing devices or techniques.“Poka” means a “Mistake” and “Yoke” means “To Avoid” in Japanese.

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The contact method of Poka-Yoke identifies mistakes by testing the physical attributes of an object like its shape, or size, color, or weight.“Poka” means a “Mistake” and “Yoke” means “To Avoid” in Japanese.In manufacturing environments, poka yoke is used in many ways: Machine guards prevent people from reaching into dangerous machinery.Let’s take a look at some of them.There are many examples of poka yoke and mistake proofing that help us avoid defects.Many people think the definition of poka-yoke is to design and make a piece of well-functioning equipment Streamlining Work.Sometimes it is not possible to detect where a defect may come about before it has.

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This makes it a preventative form of quality control since errors are detected before they occur.Like so much in lean manufacturing, Poka-Yoke originated with the Toyota Production System (TPS).Strategic Excellence At Tea Manufacturing Industry.You can see some examples starting to emerge in.The objective is to make it impossible for the operator to have a hand in the wrong place and get injured.

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